Vinyasa Dance is a daily body and mind practice created by Brigitte Breternitz. It is an infinite liquid fusion of Yoga and Dance, a constant movement of body, mind and soul.

Practitioners are going deeper, wider and higher in their movements. They are using body and mind sensual to step forward, closer to their dancing souls. They are using music like a heartbeat and leaded by their heart beat’s rhythm at the same time. Partitioners are playing with rhythms, atmospheres and harmonies, breathing the movements deeply and in devotion.

The Dance is fluid, sensitive, real, diverse, true and timeless. Its movements are of authentic quality, coming from within. There is no right or wrong and no judgement whatsoever. It is about how movements fell, not about how they look. It is pure expression. Vinyasa Dance is breathing every move- unique for every body and soul.

The Yoga puts consciousness first. It is using love and every move. says no to judging yourself or others. It is searching for the lightest yet grounded move. using the body to explore the bigger picture. It is using the body’s chakras and energy channels while moving in harmony with the music and the breath.

The Music guides through the class fluently. Coming from cultures around the world, the rhythms and sounds take you on the intense journey. Its healing character is n invitation to move, supporting the classes individual topics. 

The Effect appears on multiple levels. Experiencing new ways of moving your body and new perspectives onto yourself, it is not only enriching but empowers your confidence. Taking you closer to your dancing soul with this it ultimately brings you absolute freedom in dance.

The Class Content is typically built around a structured flow of meditation, improvisation, breathing exercises and elements of yoga and dance. Each class is dedicated to a different aspect of body and mind.