I grew up in the 80ies in East-germany. There wasn’t much for me to explore in any ways after 3 years of playing in the sandbox of the sahara. But whatever was going on, let it be a family get-together or whatever happening, I sure was doing a dance-performance at some point.

I had fun doing that. It felt natural to me, whether it was expressing my general feelings or my insecurity. I was 8 years by that time and hadn‘t seen too much of the world yet except the oriental Flavour of Algeria.

My Puperty at the changing times of the GDR was a huge influence for me. Freedom became reachable and everything seemed to be possible. At the same time i saw people beeing lost in capabilities and struggeling with the change. In this times my daydreams became wilder, more courageous and colourful. Dancing was still my save harbour i could be whenever i needed it.

When I decided to have a dancing career in Cologne, I was much older then, everything was about dancing as a form of self- expression, even though it also became a way to be successful and earn real money. It‘s been a hustle ever since but in the same way it's been a dream constantly coming true.

My dream keeps on transforming and so does my life. I am the ship captain and progress depends on the wind in my sails and the size of the waves. My reactions come naturally, I am ready.

Wherever dancing brought me to, through all the ups and downs, I never gave up on it. I steered through wavy oceans and stormy times. I couldn‘t imagine my life without it.

I am following my own path and learned to let go. Now I know that ego has no place in what I do. I keep on living my dream, yet I want to give people the opportunity to take the same chances I took. Knowing I influence the next generation around me keeps me on track and pushes me every single day. Maybe not every single day, but most of them.

When I dance, I don‘t feel special, it‘s my outlet, my language.

Brigitte Breternitz