the first step is always the most difficult one.

But the only one that brings you closer to the magic.

Start with ONE...

                                    ... step. smile. move. wave. kiss. word. song ...

... now!

And magic will happen.

For example: If you ever wanted to start dancing, do it! Why not? Even if you think, you can't. YOU CAN! because you can walk and if you like dancing, you are already a dancer. Do what you like and what makes YOU happy. You can't fail because there is no right or wrong in dancing! Only action or no action. And if you feel judged by others, have a look to the object and see if its only your mind or reality. If its your mind... fine. You are the director of this theaterstage. Just change the scene. And if its reality, just make it clear to yourself: it is not yours. its just outside. Its them. And they need to judge because they are unsure with themselves. It is their story and their problem as well. So try it with compassion, smile and go on. Your way is so damn right.

This is your life! Don't think too much about the others opinions. Just close your eyes, look inside your wonderful soul and ask: What should i do for the first time today? What do i love to do?

And than: 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 and


Brigitte Breternitz